CSP in media
The “Voices of exclusion” project
Financed by the EuropeAid program of the European Union
The "Voices of exclusion" project
Financed by the EuropeAidprogram of the European Union

that must be changed

· If a child doesn't behave it is told that it will be given to the gypsies.
· The Turk and Bulgarian Muslim children are being taught in school about the five centuries of Turkish dominance and the atrocities of the "Turks".
· The prevailing part of Bulgaria believes, that to travel to the eastern Rodopi is a dangerous adventure.
· When praying starts in the Plovdiv Jumaya, Bulgarian swearwords fly from the streets directed towards the minare.
· Of the publications on minority themes, over 80% is made up of material about Turks and Roma. The Bulgarian Muslims are excluded, pushed into the back of the que together with the Russians, Chinese and Greeks.
· Leading themes in the gypsy media space are the criminal and social issues: the Roma as generators of problems.
· The criminals who are not Roma form 71% of all convicted for robberies, 73% - theft, 81% - rape and 84% - homicide by intent.
· According to three fifth of the researched (2002) mass of journalists in the national and local media, the reflection of the issues of the minority and specific communities is gravely inadequate.
· A major part of the themes about the Turks, is made up of materials reflecting the actions of the MRF (Movement for Rights and Freedom)
· The typical space of the typical daily newspaper taken up by minority issues is around 1 percent. Just the ethno-cultural minorities in the country make up at least 15 - 20% of the population.

If you can not present yourself in the public sphere, there will be always someone else to do it for you. And you will almost never agree with the image that you get this way.