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The “Voices of Exclusion” - Training program
EuropeAid program of the European commission
Centre for Social Practices

Upon entering the training program of the "Voices of Exclusion" project, I declare, that I understand and will work according to the following Rules and Positions:

1. I understand that within the framework of the Project and it's Training program I receive free access to highly qualified national and international experts on the according fields of the training.
2. I also understand, that these experts, being otherwise highly paid, are in this case carrying out the voluntarily accepted engagement of sharing their knowledge and experience, without receiving the salaries usual for them, guided by considerations and goals of an ideal nature.
3. I also understand that I do not receive wages, or any sum of any nature for my participation in the project as a student.
4. I also take upon myself the obligation of being present during the whole training course, for which goal I have organized things accordingly with my employer and my place of work.
5. I also take upon myself the obligation during the training course and afterwards to not to injure the prestige and authority of the CSP, PHARE- ACCESS program, and the project from which I receive my training.
6. I also take upon myself the obligation to share the knowledge and skills I have received with people and organizations who show interest.