CSP in media
“Voices Of Exclusion” - Minority Empowerment Through The Media
Sofia (capital) and the regions of particular concentration of targeted minorities (Roma, Muslim ethnic Turks, Muslim ethnic Bulgarians – “Pomaks”): Teteven (north Bulgaria), Gotse Delchev (south-western Bulgaria) – Bulgarian Muslims; Shumen, Razgrad (north), Kardjali (south) – Muslim Turks, Muslim and Christian Roma; Sliven (eastern Bulgaria) – Roma.

Empower minorities to enter media & conduct dialogue, thereby inserting their agendas into public debate and sensitising decision-makers.

Target groups
1. (Main) The three major minorities in Bulgaria in localities, where this aim is achievable currently (concentration on empowering young people);
2. Regional and, later, national media;
3. Official institutions;
4. Enlightened public opinion

Main activities
1. Training in media and other representation, dialogue and organisational skills.
2. Skills acquisition - learning-by-doing together.
3. Analysis (problems and potentials evaluation) & recommendation.
4. Publications.