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Cycle of Public Academic Lectures
“Bulgaria 10 years later, 120 years later”
Political Academy for Central and South Eastern Europe
MARCH, 2000
  • Parties, Parliament and European Integration - Ekaterina Mihailova - Vice Chair of the Union of Democratic Forces
  • The Role of the Special Police Forces in Social Development: In Communist Bulgaria, In Democratic Bulgaria, in European Bulgaria - Bozhidar Popov - Secretary General of the Ministry of Internal Affairs.

    APRIL, 2000
  • Is there a Cyclic Recurrence in the Behaviour of the Bulgarian Electorate? Factors - Andrei Raichev - Sociologist
  • Models, Stages and Mechanisms of the Transition from Non-Democracy to Democracy. The Bulgarian Model 1987 - 2000 - a Rule or an Exception - Professor Dragomir Draganov - Member of Parliament
  • Education and Economic Growth - Martin Zaimov - Deputy Manager of the Bulgarian National Bank

    MAY, 2000
  • The Understanding of Europe in The Awareness of the New Bulgarian “Us” - Professor Bogdan Bogdanov - Chairman of the Board of the New Bulgarian University
  • Bulgaria and the Negotiations for Membership in the EU -Stanislav Daskalov - Chairman of the European Institute, Former Minister of Foreign Affairs (1992 - 1994)

    JUNE, 2000
  • Is Religious Belief Incompatible with Accepting Modern Science - Professor Richard Rorty - Stanford University

    The programmes are being carried out in conjunction with and due to the kind assistance of the Faculty of Continuing Education of the New Bulgarian University