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Public Attitude To Privatisation and Structural Reform
The World Bank - Bulgaria
Municipalities of Pleven, Burgass, Vratza, Varna, Gotze Delchev, Petrich
The aim of the project was to gauge the in-depth public attitudes to privatisation and structural reform in the economy with a view of providing support for explanatory strategies undertaken by the government and international agencies and institutions.

The degree of understanding and support for structural reform, the misgivings and anxieties – as well as hopes – that the process created all form the crucially important context within which the reform effort succeeds or fails.

The analysis concentrated on enterprises about to be privatised, enterprises privatised and seen to be working well, and those seen to be doing badly. The conclusion: the public has by and large overcome its misgivings and the privatisation push can go ahead with increasing pace.

The policy recommendation report was published in English and Bulgarian under the title Privatisation and Structural Reform.