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Water Management Reform in Southern Bulgaria
German Marshall Fund of the United States
Municipalities of Kurdgali, Dgebel, Momchilgrad, Kirkovo, Benkovski, Zlatograd
The challenge before the project was the constitution of a Watershed Council – Bulgaria’s first such body under the new Water Act and EU Directives – along the Varbitsa River. Water in this impoverished region is of crucial importance for industry, agriculture and use in the home. There are also pollution issues. That’s why the conflicts that arise may be successfully settled based on a greater participation on behalf of the citizens in the decision–making related to issues of water management in the area.

Project goals:
1. To gather all stakeholders, such as local authorities, regional state institutions, business representatives, non-governmental organisations, media and constitute a watershed council, which would then work on both resolving water use and conservation issues, and also on sustainable regional development.

2. To train stakeholders to ongoing co-operation in the decision–making process regarding the Varbitsa valley water resources.

3. To implement progressive American experience in water management for better results.