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The “Voices of exclusion” project
Financed by the EuropeAid program of the European Union
TEN FACTS that must be changed

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The “Voices of Exclusion” - Training program
EuropeAid program of the European commission
ETHICAL CODE OF THE STUDENT Upon entering the training program of the “Voices of Exclusion” project, I declare, that I understand and will work according to the following Rules and Positions:

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CONFERENCE “Voices of exclusion”
a project of the EuropeAid program of the European Union
November 14th to 15th 2002/Thursday – Friday/ “Sevlievo Plaza” hotel – Sevlievo

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EutopeAid program of the European commission
Summary To draw attention to yourself, to be trusted, to have influence - all this is not a question of luck, but of skill. Every skill can be taught, learned and applied. Professor Howard H. Hillman in the book "The outline of things" (1968)

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CONFERENCE “Voices of exclusion”
project of the EuropeAid program of the European Union and Centre for Social Practices – Sofia
24-25.10.2002/Thursday – Friday/”Rodopi” hotel – Haskovo

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CONFERENCE “Their Voices”
14 – 16 October 2002, The “Hilton” hotel – Sofia

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Civic Participation in Public Policies and Local Development

The project stimulates the involvement of non-governmental organizations in the regional development at the start of the new century highlighting the challenges in front of them in a more clear-cut context. During the second year, the project activities are focused on the realization of a number of training modules, which we have called the House of Policies – NGO’s Effective Involvement in Regional Development. The six training modules will be summarized at the International Conference in Bourgas in September as well as in a handbook with materials from the training.

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“Voices Of Exclusion” - Minority Empowerment Through The Media

Sofia (capital) and the regions of particular concentration of targeted minorities (Roma, Muslim ethnic Turks, Muslim ethnic Bulgarians – “Pomaks”): Teteven (north Bulgaria), Gotse Delchev (south-western Bulgaria) – Bulgarian Muslims; Shumen, Razgrad (north), Kardjali (south) – Muslim Turks, Muslim and Christian Roma; Sliven (eastern Bulgaria) – Roma.

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Citizen & community participation in the management and protection of river watersheds: practices, access to decision-making and to legislation

Objectives: Implement the 1999 Water Act’s citizen participation clauses relating to river management, thereby implanting associated citizens in the decision process.

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The Conservative Idea

The project consisted of the publication of a two-volume digest of Conservative and Christian-Democrat thinking, aimed at the general public, undergraduates and politicians.

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Media Presentation of Ethnic Issues and Attitudes in the Transition and Democracy in Bulgarian Society: Challenges and Prejudices Regarding Bulgaria’s Muslim Minorities

The project was a study on media and public attitudes in respect to the ethnic Bulgarian Muslim minority. The CSP’s analysis of the national and local produced a composite portrait of the media-created images regarding the minority.

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Public Attitude To Privatisation and Structural Reform

The aim of the project was to gauge the in-depth public attitudes to privatisation and structural reform in the economy with a view of providing support for explanatory strategies undertaken by the government and international agencies and institutions.

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Citizens’ Participation in Public Policy and Local Development: Participation of Non-Government Organisations in the Working Out of Development Strategies on Regional and Municipal Levels

The project responded to the need for non-governmental organisations to be included in the design and implementation of public policy at the local and regional level.

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Citizens and Local Administration. Setting up of a Local Ombudsman’s Institution.

This project piloted new mechanisms and practices of interaction between citizens and municipal authorities with a view to overcoming existing problems of trust and dialogue, and also work towards more transparent and responsive local administrative practices.

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Water Management Reform in Southern Bulgaria

The challenge before the project was the constitution of a Watershed Council – Bulgaria’s first such body under the new Water Act and EU Directives – along the Varbitsa River. Water in this impoverished region is of crucial importance for industry, agriculture and use in the home.

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Improvement of the Mechanisms for Water Management. Research on the Readiness for Establishment of Watershed Councils in Bulgaria.

The main goal of this research project was to analyse the extent to which stakeholders in Bulgaria were ready to apply the watershed mechanisms to the Bulgarian circumstances.

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The Challenges to Sustainable Development in Bulgaria

The aim of the project was to identify the existing and the potential challenges (limiting factors, resistance areas, etc.) facing sustainable development in Bulgaria.

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