CSP in media

Develops projects that stimulate joint initiatives, practical activities and cooperation between the civil society at the local level, the local government and the regional media in order to solve local problems. In its work the Centre supports and implements projects that encourage democratic local government and facilitate the dialogue between the various ethnic and cultural groups in Bulgaria.

This is our mainstay, our essence and reason for being. Recently, after ten years of work, we've defined several clearly delineated areas of our work:

  • Issues of representation and empowerment of vulnerable groups, such as ethnic minorities, isolated communities and rural areas. Most of our training of communities comes under this heading.
  • Good governance at the municipal level: accountancy, transparency, dialogue (we were the ones to introduce the institution of municipal Ombudsman back in the 1990s), citizen participation in decision-making, and in policy construction.
  • Sustainable development for communities, with an emphasis on citizen-friendly and environmentally-responsible development.
  • Research in problematics of administration reform, “grey economy”, employment of vulnerable groups and involvement in the structuring of legislation in such fields.
Transborder civil society work and international research in the fields of our strength (i.e. to do with citizen involvement).

The Centre for Social Practices as a department of the New Bulgarian University participates in the elaboration and the realisation of training programmes and projects related to the reform of the Bulgarian Educational System. It prepares and carries out practical projects directed towards reinforcement of the integration processes for children from marginal groups in Bulgaria.

The CSP also increasingly runs training programmes and courses for local communities, ethnic minorities, municipal counicillors and so forth, under the understanding that new skills mean better chances of representation and participation. In the summer of 2004 the CSP published a volume sub-titled “A manual of real-world skills”, which contains what we know works in terms of skills and is intended for civic groups, students and community leaders.

As an integral part of this programme the Centre for Social Practices conducts regular field and other research and analyses which measure both the political and cultural attitudes of the Bulgarian society and their dynamics. The goal is to provide decision-makers with analytical material and problem-solving scenarios regarding existing and emerging problems.

Since 2001 the CSP has increasingly been drawn into regional and international research funded by USAID, EU and OSCE programmes in problematics to do with vulnerable groups, communities, rule of law, employment and municipal development.